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To listen to Audio you need RealPlayer Software.
If you do not have, please download your free copy.
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Audio Bible ( Arabic)
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1) Ingil in Audio Arabic Bible is presenting new testament in Arabic Audio using Real Play Format.
2)  is presenting all chapters of the Bible  in Real Audio in an excellant Quality of Real Play Format .

  Bible in English: 
Audio Bible has a great site to read and listen to any chapter in English . It has a great search feature to the Bible. Click at Goshen Audio Bible
Bible in other Languages:
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Bible Search in 10 Languages:
Click here for  Bible Gateway
Bible Text  (Arabic) :
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1) International Bible Society offers to download the total Bible free in MS office (you  need Arabic Window unless you have window 2000  )
2) Arabic Bible in HTML you could read the New Testament   in Arabic if you have Internet Explorer 5.0 ( Work provided by The Grace Ministry )
3) Arabic Bible in PDF you could download any chapter of the Bible in PDF. You need Adobe Acrobat reader to download.( Work is provided by the Good Way Ministry)
Note : If you wish to obtain a Bible or have a question in the Bible, please fill our contact form indicating your request. We like to hear your comments.